Learn the truth about root canals

Most people are fearful about undergoing root canal (endodontic) therapy as they believe it’s a painful procedure. In fact, this common treatment can relieve you of tooth-associated pain.

It can save a natural tooth that would otherwise need extraction. While extraction may sound easier, when you consider the healing process and tooth replacement time and costs, later on, root canal therapy is better.

What is a root canal treatment?

Severe pain, swelling in the tooth or jaw, and temperature sensitivity may indicate you need a root canal. It’s recommended when the tooth pulp is infected due to traumatic injuries, cracks or chips in teeth, heavy decay, or multiple procedures on the same tooth.

When is a root canal necessary?

We numb the area and provide nitrous oxide sedation if needed.

How Cannon Dental relieves you of pain and gets you back to normal life

A small hole is drilled into the tooth to access the inner parts.

After removing the pulp, nerve, and debris from the pulp chamber, it’s sanitized, filled, and sealed.

The tooth is topped with a filling or crown.

Cannon Dental performs root canals using the latest methods and technologies.

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