Reasons Why a Tooth-Colored Composite Resin Filling Is Better Than Metal Amalgam

You just found out you have a cavity. While this is not the best news you could have received from your dentist, it also is not the end of the world. Then it hits you … the sight of an ugly silver metal amalgam filling. That is where you can rest at ease. Dentists worldwide have switched from metal amalgam to tooth-colored composite resin fillings in recent years. These fillings are practically invisible and offer many benefits over older amalgam fillings. If you are seeking a filling in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, you should visit Cannon Dental. Dr. David Cannon would love to share the many benefits of composite resin fillings and how they constitute a significant improvement over metal amalgam.

Hot and Cold

A significant drawback of amalgam fillings has always been how they react to extreme temperatures. When exposed to food or drink that is hot or cold, these fillings would contract or expand. That creates wear and tear on your tooth over time. Composite resin does not have this same reaction, and you can enjoy hot and cold foods without worrying about their effect on your filling and tooth.

To Bond or Not to Bond

When it comes to how your filling bonds to your tooth, you want a strong bond, you will get this with a composite filling. The materials used in a composite resin filling will adhere to your tooth. It not only creates stability for the filling but also strengthens your tooth. Metal amalgam fillings cannot tout the same. The metals used in an amalgam filling do not bond to your tooth. Think of how a pothole is filled in the road. The filling does not actually bond with the road. Over time it wears down again and needs to be replaced. It is the same with an amalgam filling.

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Save Your Tooth

If you were given the option to save as much of your tooth as possible, you would be all for that, right? Composite resin fillings allow more of the tooth to be preserved before filling it. A metal amalgam filling requires much more of the tooth to be removed to be put into place. Do your teeth a favor and choose a dentist who uses composite resin fillings.

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