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Are you tired of seeing stained teeth when you look in the mirror? You could spend a long time researching the best methods for whitening your teeth at home, but none of them is as safe and effective for your smile as professional teeth whitening services. Dr. Cannon offers patients in Salt Lake City, UT, area two powerful methods to reduce staining on their teeth and give them confidence in their smile.

In-office whitening

You can schedule a whitening during a hygiene visit so our team can brighten your smile as soon as your teeth are cleaned. Your hygienist will place a bite block in your mouth to keep your teeth and cheeks in place and apply a protective resin barrier around your gums. Next, they will spread the bleaching agent, which is a 40% hydrogen peroxide mix, directly over your teeth. After 20 minutes, they will use suction to remove the gel and evaluate your progress. One or two additional applications may be used during your visit to maximize your results.

Professional teeth whitening at home

Professional Teeth Whitening at Home in Salt Lake City UT Area

Cannon Dental offers custom-fitted trays and Opalescence gel specially formulated for at-home use. The trays allow patients who prefer to whiten on their own schedule or who want to maintain the result of their in-office whitening to safely apply the gel to their teeth without the risk of swallowing it or irritating their gums. You’ll apply the bleaching agent for the recommended amount of time, and repeat each day until you’re happy with the results. Not only will the treatment brighten your teeth, but it can also strengthen your teeth and kill bacteria that cause decay.

Intrinsic staining on your teeth isn’t always treatable with bleaching solutions. Dr. Cannon will evaluate your teeth and determine if professional teeth whitening will work for you. If not, there are still ways to address your issues. Porcelain veneers are a long-lasting alternative to teeth whitening that can disguise stubborn stains. To learn more about treating stained teeth, contact our office in Salt Lake City, UT, today at (801) 406-9985 to set up an appointment.

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