Preventive Dentistry

At Cannon Dental, preventative dentistry is at the heart of our practice. We love helping our Salt Lake City, UT area patients achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy smiles, and one of the best ways to do that is through regular professional cleanings and check-ups. Dr. Cannon and our team of dental hygienists provide gentle yet thorough care in a friendly and welcoming environment to help every member of your family enjoy their dental preventative care visits.

Preventive care visits

Why regular preventive care visits are important

Taking good care of your teeth starts at home with brushing twice daily for at least two minutes at a time and flossing every day. That, combined with a healthy diet, goes a long way towards dental plaque prevention. However, even the most diligent of patients can develop plaque and tartar on their teeth, especially in hard-to-reach areas at the back of your mouth or in the deep nooks and crannies in your molars. At a professional dental cleaning and check-up, we perform a number of steps to help keep your smile in optimal health:

  • Visual examination of your teeth, gums, and other tissues for any signs of issues such as gum disease, tooth decay, or oral cancer
  • Take x-rays as needed to visualize the inner portions of your mouth that are not visible to the naked eye
  • Perform a thorough cleaning of your teeth using specialized instruments that are designed to gently yet effectively remove built-up plaque and tartar; this is important because once tartar has formed on your teeth, brushing and flossing at home will not remove it
  • Polish and floss your teeth for a sparkling clean finish
  • Demonstrate proper oral hygiene techniques to use at home, such as the best way to brush your teeth and answer any questions you have about taking care of you or your child’s teeth
  • Perform additional preventive care treatments as appropriate for you, such as fluoride or dental sealant application

Convenient care to fit your schedule

With today’s hectic schedules, we understand how hard it can be to fit in appointments for regular dental care. That’s why we offer appointments starting at 7:00 am every weekday and have an online scheduling option to conveniently serve our patients in the areas of Salt Lake City, Holladay, West Valley, and Bountiful, UT. To schedule an appointment for you or a member of your family, call Cannon Dental today at (801) 406-9985!

Dr. David H. Cannon best Dentist in the Lake City.

Dr. David H. Cannon of Cannon Dental is a popular dentist in Salt Lake City. Following his graduation from the University of Utah, he continued his education to later graduate from the West Virginia University School of Dentistry. Having completed a residency at the VA in West Virginia, he began providing his dental services to patients in Utah. Dr. Cannon’s family have been leading dental practitioners in the Salt Lake Valley for over a century. He is a member of the Utah Dental Association, American Dental Association, and the L.D. Pankey Alumni Association. He is also a Graduate of UCLA Aesthetic Continuum. Dr. Cannon provides a range of customized preventive dentistry, restorative dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry services.