Partial Dentures

At Cannon Dental, we offer patients in the Salt Lake City, Bountiful, West Valley, and Holladay, UT areas who have suffered from tooth loss several functional and natural-looking tooth replacement options. For patients who have lost one or more teeth, partial dentures can be a great choice.

Partial Dentures Procedure

What is a partial denture?

Many people think of a full arch of removable teeth when they think of dentures – these are called “full dentures.” Partial dentures use a similar concept, but instead only replace one or a few teeth rather than the full arch. They are typically made from acrylic and metal, or all acrylic, for a natural-looking and highly functional result. In general, dentures made of metal and acrylic are preferred because they provide a more stable structure and are thinner and more hygienic, but all-acrylic dentures may be recommended in some cases or used for a temporary solution.

With partial dentures, patients who have suffered tooth loss can:

  • Speak with greater clarity
  • Eat their favorite foods more efficiently and experience better digestion
  • Smile with confidence
  • Prevent shifting of their natural teeth, which can occur after tooth loss

Your customized partial dentures

Like every treatment we perform at Cannon Dental, we use a highly customized approach when it comes to creating your partial denture. Advances in dental technologies and materials offer patients more options than ever before when it comes to their tooth replacement choices, and dentures are no different. Removable partial dentures typically stay in place in your mouth with metal clasps, but some patients may choose flexible partial dentures, which have thin extensions that fit or snap around your natural teeth at the gumline.

Dr. Cannon conducts a thorough evaluation of your mouth and talks through your choices so you can arrive at the best decision for your specific needs. He uses the latest technologies to design your partial denture so that it evenly distributes the chewing forces across your natural teeth and denture, and when possible, we use a self-cleansing partial denture that helps preserve your natural teeth and tissues for long-lasting oral health.

To learn more about your tooth replacement options, call Cannon Dental in Salt Lake City, UT at (801) 406-9985 to schedule a consultation!

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