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If you’re facing the total loss of an entire arch of teeth, it can be stressful to imagine living your life without them. Luckily, advances in dental technology have created a variety of options for replacing your missing teeth, and Dr. David Cannon is happy to help. Cannon Dental offers immediate dentures for patients in Salt Lake City, UT, area as a flexible option to restore functionality to your mouth immediately after tooth extraction. 

Benefits of immediate dentures

In order to place complete dentures, patients typically have to wait a few months following tooth extraction so that their gums can fully heal. During the period, you may have trouble communicating clearly, and you’ll have to rely on a soft diet. Immediate dentures are fabricated before the extraction procedure to fit your mouth in its current state, so you don’t have to go months without your teeth. 

Immediate dentures are an affordable option designed for easy adjustments, so you can maintain a good fit as the soft tissues in your mouth change shape and heal. However, you will need to come into the office for adjustments every couple of weeks to prevent issues like gliding and sore spots. Immediate dentures aren’t designed to be a permanent solution, but they can last up to three years before you replace them with a permanent set of teeth with proper care. This can give you time to save money and decide whether you want to use dental implants or traditional dentures.

Preparing immediate dentures 

Immediate Dentures at Cannon Dental in Salt Lake City UT Area

Dr. Cannon will take measurements and create impressions of your mouth before tooth extraction to send to the dental lab. He’ll work with them to design your immediate dentures for a natural look you can be comfortable wearing and ensure they are ready on the day of your procedure. Once your teeth are extracted, Dr. Cannon will place the immediate dentures in your mouth, and you should wear them for 24 to 48 hours to help the tissues heal in place with the appliance. 

After the first couple of days, you can remove your dentures for cleaning each night and wear them throughout the day. Your mouth will continue to reshape as you heal from extractions, and you’ll need to come into the office every few weeks to have them adjusted so they’ll stay in place without causing any discomfort. To learn more about immediate dentures, contact our office in Salt Lake City, UT, today at (801) 406-9985 to set up an appointment

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