Dental Sealants

Cavities are one of the most common dental problems in the world, affecting both adults and children. In particular, the deep grooves and crevices within the biting surfaces of the molars are susceptible to decay because it is hard to effectively clean those areas when you are brushing your teeth. Dental sealants are a highly effective, affordable, and fast treatment at Cannon Dental in Salt Lake City, UT that protects your teeth and helps prevent cavities from forming. 

Dental Sealants Procedure 

How dental sealants work

Dental sealants are a way of sealing teeth to prevent cavities. They are made from a tooth-colored or clear material that is painted onto the surface of the tooth, creating a “seal” that prevents bacteria, plaque, and debris from accumulating in the deeper areas of your teeth that are difficult to reach with brushing and flossing. Because bacteria and plaque are sealed off from the area, sealant-treated teeth are less likely to develop cavities. Sealants are:

  • Effective
  • Painless
  • Fast
  • Affordable – many dental insurance companies cover the full cost

Getting dental sealants: what to expect

Dental sealants are one of the quickest dental treatments available – but that does not mean they are not effective! The process is so quick that we can typically perform it at the end of your dental cleaning. In fact, that is a great time to do it because your teeth will already be clean, which is the first step of the dental sealant process.

After cleaning the teeth that will be treated, we dry the teeth and apply an acidic solution that helps roughen the surface of the tooth so the sealant will adhere better. Then, we paint the sealant material onto the tooth and cure it with a special light, so it hardens almost instantly. Finally, we shape the sealant, so it feels natural on your tooth and check your bite, adjusting the shape as needed so it feels comfortable and natural.

An effective preventive treatment for both kids and adults

While many people think of dental sealants as a pediatric treatment, at Cannon Dental, we provide dental sealants for both kids and adults. Adult teeth are just as susceptible to cavities, and sealants offer the same protection for adults as they do for children’s teeth. In addition, sealants do wear out over time, so you may have had sealants placed at a younger age that we recommend replacing, especially if you have particularly deep pits and grooves in your molars.  

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