Dental Bonding Restores Smiles for Patients with Gaps in Salt Lake City, UT

Gaps or other unsightly imperfections can reduce or negatively influence your self-confidence and make you uneasy about your smile. For a long time, the most popular options for fixing even minor imperfections were time-consuming or invasive procedures, like bracket braces or veneers. However, that is no longer the case. Dr. David Cannon at Cannon Dental in Salt Lake City, UT, specializes in dental bonding, an affordable, non-invasive, quick, and easy solution for patients living with gaps between teeth and a number of other minor imperfections.

Dental Bonding is a Quick Fix with Long-lasting Results

Dental bonding isn’t just used to treat gaps. It can fix a wide variety of conditions, including:

  • Cracks
  • Chips
  • Minor misalignment
  • Staining or discoloration

Bonding consists of an easily applied solution, and it can be completed in a single visit. If you have an aesthetic issue and you’d like to consider dental bonding, Dr. Cannon will do an examination, review your goals, and together you’ll determine if dental bonding is right for you.

Dental bonding refers to the application of a pliable composite resin, similar to the material used for dental crowns. Rather than being shaped, hardened, and then placed, this natural-looking resin is painted over the problem area while still pliable, bridging gaps, filling in cracks, and effectively obscuring any discoloration. It is then shaped to fit in with your surrounding teeth. Once the resin has restored the function, look, and feel of your bite, it is hardened using a special dental light. Bonding is made from a quick-drying material, so you’ll be able to eat and speak like normal almost immediately after your visit.

Dental bonding is an effective solution for many minor, aesthetic issues, and with proper care and maintenance, it can last a long, long time before needing to be touched up. Dr. Cannon will go over how to care for your restoration at your appointment, but this consists primarily of regular brushing and flossing, just as you care for your natural teeth.

Make an appointment with Dr. Cannon to find out if dental bonding is right for you. Call Cannon Dental in Salt Lake City, UT, at (801) 406-9985 to make an appointment.

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