Deep Teeth Cleaning

Patients with early stages of gingivitis may be wondering how to stop gum disease from getting worse. The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question! At Cannon Dental in Salt Lake City, UT, we take a personalized approach when developing your treatment plan, considering factors such as your overall oral health, your medical history, and other needs and preferences before recommending any procedures. For patients with gum disease, one of the most common therapies that we recommend is a deep teeth cleaning, also called scaling and root planing. Read on to learn more about why this treatment is a good option for the initial stage of gum disease treatment for many patients!

Deep Teeth Cleaning Procedure

Why deep cleanings are recommended

The best gingivitis prevention is taking good care of your teeth every day with brushing and flossing, as well as regular professional cleanings, during which we remove any built-up plaque and hardened tartar from your teeth. Disease-causing bacteria proliferate in plaque and tartar, and if these sticky substances are not removed regularly, the acidic by-products from the bacteria begin to eat away at your healthy tissues, causing irritation and inflammation. Eventually, spaces called pockets beneath the gumline begin to form, and bacteria and plaque continue to spread in these areas, where they cannot be reached with brushing, flossing, or even routine professional cleanings. That is when scaling and root planing come in. This treatment is designed to eliminate the plaque and bacteria from periodontal pockets so that your gums can begin to recover.

What to expect

Deep teeth cleanings have two main components: scaling, followed by root planing.

  • First, we numb the areas that will be treated as needed so you are completely comfortable throughout the procedure.
  • Then, to perform the scaling, we gently access the periodontal pockets and clean them out with a special dental tool called an ultrasonic scaler. It irrigates the area as it cleans, and we may also place a targeted antibiotic such as ARESTIN® in the area after cleaning it.
  • Finally, we perform the root planing procedure, in which we remove the surface dentin and cementum that has bacteria and toxins embedded within it, and smooth the surface of the tooth root so that bacteria have less surface area to multiply and your tooth and gums are better able to heal and re-form a protective seal.

After your treatment is complete, in addition to having healthier gums and teeth, you may notice additional benefits such as whiter teeth and fresher breath due to the deep cleaning procedure.

Depending on the severity of your gum disease and how deep the pockets are, additional therapies beyond scaling and root planing may be necessary. Dr. Cannon takes a conservative approach to treatment and will always recommend the least invasive option before taking the next step towards treatments such as periodontal surgery.

Restoring your gum health begins with a consultation at Cannon Dental. To schedule your appointment, visit us online or call us at (801) 406-9985 today!

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