A Dive into Why Complete Upper Dentures May Just Be the Tooth Replacement Option You Need

Are you seeking a tooth replacement option for your top arch of teeth? While there are many options available to patients in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, Dr. David Cannon and the team at Cannon Dental would like to share the benefits of complete upper dentures with you. If you are looking for a tooth replacement option that requires less treatment time and you are not interested in implants, an entire upper denture could be the answer.

Replace Your Teeth with a Single Easy Appliance 

A complete denture is often categorized as a removable prosthesis. Some individuals need to replace their upper arch of teeth, while others need to replace their lower arch. Some even need to replace both their top and bottom arch. While dentures are often associated with people of advanced age, younger people can also require dentures. Dentures may be needed for younger individuals after a significant impact injury that has damaged or knocked out many teeth. Untreated tooth decay is also a primary reason younger people need dentures.

Why Choose a Complete Denture? 

Many patients who are in a situation where they need a set of complete dentures are older and maybe even out of the workforce. That is not always the case, but generally speaking, this is relatively normal. As one ages, they will still want a tooth replacement solution that is not only highly functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Complete dentures provide both. A complete denture comprises a pink portion that mimics the appearance of your natural palette and gum tissues with artificial teeth, which both provide full functionality and chewing power while looking completely realistic.

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Another reason you should consider a complete denture is because, out of all the tooth replacement options available to you, getting your complete denture requires the shortest amount of time, from the start of treatment to the end of treatment. No other tooth-replacement option takes as little time as a complete denture. That is ideal for people who want replacement teeth as soon as possible.

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