Dental Bridges for Missing Teeth Restore Smiles in Salt Lake City UT

The integrity of your smile is an important part of your overall wellbeing, and missing teeth can affect your confidence, or create more complicated dental problems in the long-term. Salt Lake City patients living with missing teeth, or who may need to have a tooth removed, can talk to Dr. David Cannon about the options available to help them restore their smile.

Dr. Cannon is a board-certified dentist with years of experience treating patients of all ages. He offers a wide variety of restorations for missing teeth and can inform you about the benefits of each, helping you determine the best course of treatment.

Dental bridges are an affordable, effective treatment for missing teeth — a great solution for patients who want to avoid more invasive procedures. A bridge can improve the look and functionality of your bite, while protecting your remaining natural teeth.

What to Expect from a Dental Bridge

Bridges for Teeth at Cannon Dental in Salt Lake City UT Area

There are several types of dental bridges, all which Dr. Cannon will go over with you in your consultation. The most common type involves fixing your restoration to the surrounding natural teeth. Dr. Cannon begins by taking an impression of your mouth. This is used to make a precise model of the area being treated, which reveals the unique function of your bite, as well as which parts of it need to be restored and how. Dr. Cannon will then prepare your surrounding natural teeth, shaping them to fit the forthcoming bridge. Once they are prepared, another impression is taken. This impression is used to manufacture the bridge. In the meantime, you will be sent home with a temporary bridge.

When your bridge is ready, Dr. Cannon will confirm the fit and make any necessary adjustments. Once you are both comfortable with the fit and feel, he will fix the bridge to the surrounding teeth using a special dental bond.

Now that your smile is restored, Dr. Cannon will go over the best methods for maintaining your bridge, helping you make sure it lasts as long as possible. In many cases, a dental bridge stays strong and effective for many years, provided it is cared for properly and there is no unexpected physical trauma.

If you are missing teeth, or may need to have them removed, Dr. Cannon can go over the options available and help you decide if a dental bridge is right for you. To make an appointment for a consultation call Cannon Dental at (801) 406-9985.

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