Erase Stubborn Tooth Stains with Professional Teeth Whitening

Erase Stubborn Tooth Stains with Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Dentist Office in Salt Lake City Area

Is your smile losing its luster due to dull, discolored teeth? Are wine or tea stains marring your smile’s esthetic appeal? It’s time to take action with professional teeth whitening. Through our in-office Opalescence Boost treatment, your Salt Lake City dentist can erase stubborn tooth stains and brighten your smile in one dental visit. Discover everything your smile can do with exceptional teeth whitening services from Cannon Dental Dentistry. Causes of Tooth Stains Age and wear and tear are common causes of dull, yellow, discolored teeth. Stains and discolorations can also be caused by: Food and drinks like wine, coffee, … Continue reading

Professional Teeth Whitening Trays for a Brighter Smile

Professional Teeth Whitening Trays in Salt Lake City UT Area

Are you disappointed by the drab look of your smile? You can brighten your smile with professional teeth whitening treatment from Cannon Dental in Salt Lake City, Utah. We use custom-made whitening trays that generate superior results than those generic trays you buy off the shelf. After a few days of use, you will have a gleaming white smile that boosts your confidence and makes you look younger. How custom-fit whitening trays work When taking a walk in your nearest drugstore, you may see dozens of whitening trays advertised to whiten your teeth. While these whitening trays may work, there is a catch. These … Continue reading

Are You Seeking Professional Teeth Whitening for Bright, White Teeth in Salt Lake City, UT?

Are You Seeking Professional Teeth Whitening for Bright, White Teeth in Salt Lake City, UT Area?

When an individual has a bright, white smile, they can exude youth, happiness, and warmth just through a confident flash of those pearly whites. The reality of our world is that a large part of how society views an individual is based on their smile. In a study conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 99% of adults said that the smile is their most important social asset. If you are looking for professional teeth whitening treatment in the Salt Lake City, UT area, you can find no better than Dr. David Cannon and the Cannon Dental team. When … Continue reading

Restore your shine with teeth whitening services in Salt Lake City, UT

Teeth Whitening Service at Cannon Dental in Salt Lake City UT Area

Are you tired of seeing stained teeth when you look in the mirror? You could spend a long time researching the best methods for whitening your teeth at home, but none of them is as safe and effective for your smile as professional teeth whitening services. Dr. Cannon offers patients in Salt Lake City, UT, area two powerful methods to reduce staining on their teeth and give them confidence in their smile. In-office whitening You can schedule a whitening during a hygiene visit so our team can brighten your smile as soon as your teeth are cleaned. Your hygienist will … Continue reading